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"A magical journey comprised of theatrical melodies and passionate prose of song and voice"                                         "Soulful and impassioned as Cat Stevens’ voice, Michaels skilfully infuses the trademark sounds of traditional folk and modern pop into the songs of his latest record, while he also infuses expansive and theatrical elements which rival the music of Pink Floyd and David Bowie”

2020 Reviews

"Michaels is at the start of an incredible journey in this LP. I’ll be checking out his deeper discography after having fallen in love with this latest release for sure. Every pulsing element of the rhythm counts as much as any verses do".

"I think we can collectively regard this latest record as his very best, and even more than that, his most honest."

“Undoubtedly the most mature and well-thought out albums to debut out of the Australian underground in 2019 and successfully introduces a world hungry for bittersweet pop balladry to a man who makes the very sort of music we need now more than ever”

“How versatile this artist can be regardless of the style he’s employing in any given track. Simply put, he isn’t about to be pegged down to one aesthetical box in Incendiary Heart. His new record is something every music aficionado should be spinning this month.”

“It’s a quantum leap forward for this mild-mannered musician, and one of my go-to listens this January for sure. While Revisited had some incredible harmonies, this album forces Andy Michaels to push himself to the very edge with his vocal, and the results of his efforts are pure gold. His navigation of complicated instrumental arrangements should be enough to leave any indie connoisseur on their knees begging for more”

“This 14-track masterpiece is both sonically and visually inspiring. Michaels is able to share his vision of life and love in this intense and intricately woven melodic tale. Incendiary Heart by Andy Michaels is a magical journey comprised of theatrical melodies and passionate prose of song and voice “.

“It’s definitely one of the most fun, and easy-going, pop releases that you can expect to get a hold of before the spring season breaks. Lovers of good ol’ fashioned harmony and hybrid grooves needn’t look much further than this for a killer tracklist adorned with as much cosmetic beauty as it is genuine substance, and if you’ve never taken the time to hear his music before, I think this would serve as a great way of getting to know Andy Michaels as an artist on the rise.”

“His momentum isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon. He’s got a great way of connecting with his audience, and in Incendiary Heart’s finest of moments, he shows listeners just how much he can evolve within only a few minutes’ time. Melody is this guy’s main prerogative, and that’s confirmed beyond any sort of doubt here”

“Has made a genuine fan out of me with Incendiary Heart, which ties together a lot of the loose ends left over from Revisited while staying true to the conceptual identity he started to build with the release of his very first song Audiences around the world could use someone with his panache to start the new decade off right – breathtaking LP”

“Undoubtedly the most mature and well-thought out album to debut out of the Australian underground in 2019 and successfully introduces a world hungry for bittersweet pop balladry to a man who makes the very sort of music we need now more than ever.”

“Unapologetically evocative on every level that matters, his efforts produce some of his best work so far and then some. His emphasis on even the most minor of details is admirable both critically and artistically in today’s ragtag culture of pop music. The music video for “Darling It Hurts” completely captures the essence of the energy that makes its parent album so hard to put down”

2019 Reviews :

Soulful and impassioned as Cat Stevens’ voice, Michaels skilfully infuses the trademark sounds of traditional folk and modern pop into the songs of his latest record, while he also infuses expansive and theatrical elements which rival the music of Pink Floyd and David Bowie”

“Full of emotion with a defined yet flexible aesthetic you will be hard-pressed to walk away from Incendiary Heart without one of its many catchy lines or beats nailed into your brain. The eclectic genre blending of the instrumentals creates a unique feel and a uniting sound for the album as a whole. Combined with catchy and emotional lyrics, these tracks will warm your heart”.

“Andy Michaels demonstrates his outstanding songwriting talent, fusing brilliant lyricism with inspired melodies”

“His delicate arrangements and lyrical prowess is phenomenal in this collection of tracks”

“A magical journey comprised of theatrical melodies and passionate prose of song and voice. This 14-track masterpiece is both sonically and visually inspiring”

“Nothing short of spectacular because musically, lyrically, vocally and artistically, ‘Incendiary Heart’ is a thing of beauty”

“Delivers highly memorable songs with a keen sense of melody and poignant lyrics to create a mesmerizing music experience”

“Incendiary Heart is a beautifully-produced work of love, and it’s an album that will cut straight to the listener’s heart as Andy Michaels is clearly singing from his own.”Michaels’ voice is soulful and impassioned like Cat Stevens, but his sound is much more expansive and theatrical with evident touches of both Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Andy Michaels is the Mozart of Pop Contemporary music. His artistry and talent with the tapestry he weaves is exquisite. Michaels is the master lyrical and instrumental composer of 2019.

“Incendiary Heart is a myriad of genres, instruments and vocal resurgence. Andy Michaels does not just sing; he speaks poetry, which has become a lost art in today’s age of EDM and pop music. 10/10 ”

An eclectic collection of styles and sounds that will steal your heart. Uplifting melodies and lyrics that speak to the soul, Incendiary Heart is a landmark record that will have you coming back for more”

A  Killer sound that will make you take notice”  

 “Incendiary Heart is a spark within a myriad of Top 40 fare. Long after the record has stopped, lingers an intense emotional response.  Incendiary Heart is definitely a searing work. Outstanding in every way, Michaels is at the peak of his game”  

 “A potent potion of highly infectious tunes – One helluva listening experience. Masterfully crafted with so much love you feel it pouring out of the speakers.”   

"Will connect strongly to the hearts & minds out there listening, while also exceeding the expectations and hopes of those looking for passionate musicianship, innovative ideas, and highly artistic designs. LISTEN to the sheer freakin’ brilliance"

"Revisited " Reviews - "A Modern Classic" - (April 2018)

MAY 2018 

A powerhouse singer/songwriter bringing music that touches the Soul. An incredible album that has something for fans of every genre. 10/10 ” (May 2018)

“Rod Stewart meets Worship in this magical journey of production. Will have you scratching your head with this extraordinary production  (May 2018)

“A guru with an incredible mastery of music, capable of transforming his poetry and narrative into hypnotic, sweet and powerful melodies that make "Revisited" an extraordinary work” (May 2018)

“A marvelous array of melodic majesty and magical journeys. The album is a mood drawing, inspirational listen” (May 2018)

“ The album “Revisited” is a poignant, sensitive and affecting conglomeration of music and poetry at its best. It defies genre and contains a spiritual essence rare in today’s music industry” (May 2018)

“The blend of his voice and the words to the songs can move some listeners to emotions.” (May 2018)

“Poignant and meaningful, relevant and important in our modern times…Simply put damn good music” (May 2018)

“Continues to deliver new exciting music…With fine songwriting, arrangements and musicality, music fans can certainly enjoy this comforting album” (May 2018)

“A magnificent piece of art…brings you on this journey where every turn holds something unexpected. An experience worthy of an hour of your time and then some.” (May 2018)

“An Australian artist is on a welcomed quest to share his creative acumen. With his latest album release, Revisited, he deftly demonstrates what happens when an array of musical genres are effectively blended.” (May 2018)

APRIL 2018

“Thirteen excellent tracks …recommend to any real music lover” (April 2018)

“Revisited displays masterful song crafting and pure sonic enjoyment full of refreshing surprises and twists” (Apr 2018)

“He’s so musically talented that he is actually able to change his sounds. There aren’t many artists who can do that nowadays and the ones who can should be revered.”

“We believe that his new album will take him to Australian major Icon Status”

“He’s brought Adult Contemporary to Pop and Country to Rock to make a sound that is all his own” ” (Apr 2018)

“Revisited” is an album that, as its name suggests, will reward multiple listens, pleasing fans of both classic pop and modern contemporary along the way. It makes great use of some classic structures in his crafting of contemporary sounds.”


MARCH 2018

“An Australian singer/songwriter who sings like an angel. He's a lyrical anomaly, and a phenomenal poet. "Revisited" is an eclectic collection of inspiration. He defies genre boundaries and the album is compelling and captivating and nearly addicting.” -  The Indie Source (March 2018)

“This album is eclectic, it has something for everyone and shares compositions from various genre’s with taste and class. It’s tasteful and progressive.… Andy nails it.”  (March 2018)

“Australian Singer/Songwriter, Andy Michaels, has created an Adult-Contemporary work of musical art that is grounded in the present while serving as a deeply introspective glimpse into the workings of a wise mind. Navigating through many dynamics of love and intimacy, Andy Michaels leaves no stone unturned throughout ‘Revisited’.” (March 2018)


“Get lost in the atmospheric soundscapes filled with heartfelt lyrics and ambient sounds. Michaels harnesses the pulsating power of pop music and proves through his musical prowess that he is an artist meant for great things.”  – The Celebrity Cafe (February 2018) 

“Beautiful and uplifting…Such an eclectic and beautiful sound, Andy Michaels has a musical sound you won't easily forget” – (February 2018)

“His vocals sound something reminiscent of a combination of Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams.If you like good music with a mellow groove and well-written lyrics, with guitar work that would make you jealous, check this out “ - Sidestage magazine (February 2018)

“The grace of the entire album simply stuns !  Inspirational to its very core, from the rush of rhythms to the kaleidoscopic colors of the melodies, everything works. “Revisited” displays Andy Michaels’ uncanny songwriting ability, featuring narratives of those who defy all odds to transform their lives.” – Skopemag (February 2018)

“An astute lyricist and musician and what he delivers on Revisited is nothing short of astounding. A work of manifest honesty makes this Album a top download for 2018.” – Scallywag Magazine (Feb 2018)


"Andy has such soul inspiring music! " - Q108 Radio, Canada,  Oct 2017

“Can be appreciated by audience of any age and era. It's especially gratifying to discover new music that appreciates melody and lyric.” - Broken Road Radio, USA, Nov 2017

“Such a talented producer, writer and singer” – Anthony Truss (Sony/BMG)

“I really love Andy’s Style and vibe “ – Tim Hegarty (Sinead O’Connor/U2)

“Outstanding” – Streekomroep Start Radio – Netherlands Nov 2017

“Very nice ! – Really powerful stuff and great compositions – Wayne Thompson, CEO Whamzoo  (Liza Minelli, Beach Boys/Tanya Tucker/Julio Iglesias)

“Bravo ! A strong writer” - Jeff Blue, Jeff Blue Music  (Macey Gray/Linkin Park/GunsN’Roses)

“Andy definitely has the pulse for writing the radio single!” – Ray Hamilton, CEO Merf Music Group (Miranda Lambert)

“Andy Michaels is an incredible songwriter  and has the genuine songwriter’s gift, undeniable commitment to his music, and an audible love of the craft” – Sleeping Bag Studios, Jan 2018

"Revisited" Full Album Review - January, 2018 - “An Extraordinary Achievement”

I tell ya…there’s no label out there that scares me more than the idea of something being called ‘adult contemporary’ – even if that’s what it truly is.  I suppose that could just be me resisting the idea of growing-up, even as I’m approaching the 38-year mark at the end of this month.  I think it’s about as INTENSE of a label for music that anyone can put on their stuff though when it comes right down to it – almost everyone I’ve met either makes a face or has SOME sort of reaction to the idea of what ‘adult contemporary’ might mean to them.  Far too often – AC can equate to boring.  Thankfully, this isn’t.

The term Adult Contemporary can also be a much slicker way of saying ‘singer/songwriter/band with the maturity required to write a song that isn’t going to fall apart over the course of three minutes or more, and has been around long enough to know what it is they want out of their sound at this point in their music,’ which as you can tell, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  That definition’s not far off though!

While there’s an undeniably gentle, tender and melodic approach to Andy Michael’s style of Adult Contemporary music – there’s also no doubt at all about how well these tunes have been performed and put together.  Like I was saying in my version of the definition…there’s a maturity here in the songwriting that gives each song its own personality, pull and captivating sound…and Andy really makes you WANT to keep listening to this record for its crystal clear production and stunning ideas.  He’s is absolutely sounding golden on his own, which is the case for about half of his new album Revisited – the other half, he’s made a brilliant choice by selecting some absolutely incredible vocals from singers Kerrie Ironside and Sharon Court.  Talent, interest and enthusiasm count for a TON when it comes to making music – they’re the kind of genuine qualities that attract the same in others and inspire them just as much; you can tell by the amazing caliber of artists that Andy is working with on Revisited that he’s surrounded by just as much talent as he has himself.  Like minded hearts & minds always find each other and that certainly sounds like it’s the case on this new album from Andy Michaels – this sounds spectacular, sincere, honest and real.

For an album considered to be Adult Contemporary – I’m actually very excited about this!  Every thought, emotion, feeling and sound is so beautifully expressed on Revisited…I think I’d be seriously shocked if people didn’t hear this record the same way I did.  Pretty hard to fault something when every moment essentially comes out with an audible perfection and incredible balance, features amazing vocals and stunning music to go with it…and there are no faults to be had here…Andy Michaels has nailed Revisited and threaded real magic into the thirteen tracks you’ll find on his brand-new album.

What you don’t typically expect, is a combination of electro & acoustic in your Adult Contemporary, which is how Andy begins this record with the inspired sounds on “Today’s Tomorrow.”  His vocal style, especially in the chorus, can remind me so much of Michael Stipe at times that I’m actually kind of overjoyed right now truthfully.  The song has a great invitational energy to its melody, excellent structure that starts it out softly before the atmosphere brightens significantly for its up-tempo chorus.  I’ll say this with certainty – this opening track has a great energy to it and a wonderful way of expanding its sound as the experience of Revisited begins.  Not only is it more confirmation that pretty much everything from Australia is always full of audible awesomeness, but you get a solid introduction to Andy’s poetic approach to lyricism as well in the clever words that adorn the lines of “Today’s Tomorrow.”  I’ll also say this…I think he does a good job of starting the record and still leaving it plenty of room to grow from there forward in terms of the dynamics of sound and writing you’ll hear on this record – BUT – and this is a big BUT – it should absolutely be noted that throughout the week as I was listening and writing this review, “Today’s Tomorrow” was also a song I got back out of bed with.  You know what I mean?  It was quite often the first melody & rhythm that came to my mind when I’d first open up my eyes to start a new day…it became my anthem to inspire me to tackle another 24 hours.

How to describe the first time you hear Kerrie Ironside’s voice…what words could honestly do this experience the justice she deserves?  I’d challenge that Kerrie’s vocals aren’t just some of the best you’ll find on the record, she might very well be the best kept secret that I’ve ever heard in music – period.  Make no mistake, Andy’s written a gorgeous tune here without question – but rest assured that the real genius to be had here is in the decision to bring her aboard to sing this song.  She is as amazing as amazing can possibly get and absolutely captivating on the album’s second tune, “Angel.”  There is such incredibly wisdom, texture and SOUL in the sound of Kerrie’s voice that it can only be described as sincerely breathtaking…I could listen to her sing the phonebook and be more than satisfied with my choice of what to listen to.  She’ll be backed up by a full choir when “Angel” reappears at the end of the album for a second time – right now she’s the “Angel” we hear.  The music is smooth, gentle, and sweet with piano, bass, strings and acoustic sounds floating dreamily through the mix before the inspired percussion beat joins in and Kerrie’s voice continues to rise in powerful notes along the way.  I’m seriously impressed with a lot of the drum sounds, textures & tones you’ll hear on this record…”Angel” was kind of where that trend started for me…they add a lot to this tune and give it just that right amount of punch to liven-up this magical moment to that next-level.

“Just Because U Love Someone” also features Kerrie, who becomes a regular collaborator on Revisited.  This time in a duet entwined with Andy – the way these two sets of sounds & vocalists complement each other once again speaks to the level of insight in the songwriting & vision itself.  The string sounds are gorgeously emotional in the background, reflecting the lyricism that drifts between its melancholy-yet-realistic vibe.  It took me about a week to pin it down…but Andy actually reminds me significantly of Peter Gabriel quite a bit when it comes to his tone and expression in his vocals.  I love that he doesn’t feel the need to adhere to a rhyme-scheme on “Just Because U Love Someone” – it almost sounds like he’s written this tune from the free-flowing thoughts in his mind; the way that Kerrie & Andy trade the microphone between them and approach their lines gives the song the cadence it needs to sound right in our ears, providing that cohesion in the melody, even when the words don’t rhyme.  Speaks a lot to the poetic composition of Andy’s lyrics, but also to the strength of the idea & performance on “Just Because U Love Someone,” because everything comes out sounding insightfully smooth as a result of the choices they make in how to sing this tune, how to alter the sounds in production with just the right effects, and tweak their lines with seriously professional insight that makes all the difference.

Andy’s technique will really blow you away sometimes, even in what seems like the simplest of settings.  Listen to the harmonics and intricate melody-line of the guitar on “When I Close My Eyes” – listen to that technique!  What I think is also truly impressive is that Andy is using a lot of modern-day twists that are applied to pop & R&B music currently…and they all seem to fit right into this gentle sound like they were meant to be.  You can hear the auto-tuner at times, multi-layered like…vocoder-effect on the vocals as well, and at other times, you get the sweetness of Andy left to his own devices.  No matter how you get him, he sounds great…he’s got this metered-out to the nth-degree and really works a stylistic & melodic approach to the rhythm and cadence of his words.  It’s one of the more innocent & humble sounds you’ll hear in the music on Revisited…the gentle nature and sweet rhythm of “When I Close My Eyes” will likely sneak up on you long before you realize just how much you love this tune.

You know…it’s either that Andy is a lot closer to the sounds I love in indie/pop/rock/alternative or I need to start listening to a lot more Adult Contemporary…because I absolutely love what he’s doing on “I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)” – there are so many great ideas contained in this song from production to performance.  The effects and textures in the vocals throughout this song are freakin’ brilliant…the melody that they follow, even better.  I really like the way he’s chosen to sing “I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)” and the near whisper that brings the melody to our ears…there’s a beautiful sway and tender sound on this song that shifts through a hypnotic & captivating structure that immensely satisfies.  The ideas in the backing vocals and the way they’ve been adding to the melody of “I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)” is impressive…you’ll notice that there IS music of course, but Andy’s not working with anything too complex here & kept it fairly stripped-down in the atmosphere surrounding his vocals on this tune; as a result, it’s up to him and the backing-vocals to really add that melody into this tune at its core – and I think this is a great example of another technique in his songwriting working out perfectly once again.

I’m tellin’ ya…LISTEN to that sparkling production on “Will There Be Love?” featuring Kerrie Ironside to start the beginning of the album’s second-half…you can hear the quality immediately and the texture & space that exists within each part of the song as it plays.  “Will There Be Love” moves slowly and boldly at the same time; there is beautiful definition and sound in the structure of this song, leading Kerrie to an insightfully powerful performance that makes the most of every word.  I like to go old-school in my mind sometimes…imagining “Will There Be Love?” as like, the first song you’d experience when you flip the tape over…that kind of thing…what an amazing experience that would be after so many good songs have been featured throughout the way already!  As far as atmosphere in sound goes, this is as good as it gets!  The way the percussion works – absolutely amazing…and the crashing cymbals make such an enormous impact as well.  The incredible movements of the bass and guitars that join in…I mean…we’re talking EPIC when it comes to the sounds that weave the sonic-tapestry of “Will There Be Love?” – like, Lion King Soundtrack kind of epic, know what I mean?  Kerrie glides on a cushion of air, gracefully, with an angelic sound that is so beautifully expressive that it truly blows my mind.  The guitars that expand the song’s sound give her the cues to become even more alive on the microphone as the atmosphere surrounds her gorgeously.  I simply cannot explain in words just what an incredible contribution she makes to this album and to Andy’s music – she’s one of the most giving artists I’ve ever heard sing when it comes to putting your all into a performance.  The way she sings “Will There Be Love?” and the other songs she’s featured on from Revisited should have her phone ringing off the hook with interested artists, promoters and management trying to sign her on the dotted line for their next projects.

If you were paying close attention during the last episode of the SBS Podcast when we previewed this review on Andy Michaels’ music, you probably noticed the sweetness in the music playing in the background.  You guessed it correctly, that was Andy’s music – it was the gorgeous, intricate and delicate melody of “Where Are You Now?”  What’s not to be impressed about when it comes to this song?  Quite honestly – this is a massively captivating moment on the record where you hear Andy at his best in every aspect.  Best lyricism, best musicianship, best singing, best samples, best writing in the music…there would be every reason to support this as your favorite song on the record, because it all comes out sounding so incredibly cohesive & balanced between its sentiment, ambitions, and emotions.  The falsetto notes that Andy sings on “Where Are You Now?” are some of my absolute favorite moments out of all his lead-vocal parts – that’s a serious gem inside of what is already a stunning track to begin with.  It’s about as charming as a song can get when it comes right down to the sound of it…I loved how much of Andy’s personality seemed to shine through this track and right out of the speakers into our ears when it came to the music and HOW he sings this song…you can feel that attachment to every word here.  And then you really start to listen to the words…or if you like, they’re available online & you can read them and I highly recommend you do; just be warned…because once you really get into the lyrical content of “Where Are You Now?” you’ll realize just how crushing and heartbreaking it truly IS.  The whole while, disguised inside of some of the most exceptionally well-played music and sweet tones you’ll find on the record, line-after-line, Andy’s been going DEEP and getting incredibly personal on “Where Are You Now?” – these words are filled with powerful emotion that could bring tears to your eyes just by reading them alone.  To hear the beautiful way he performs this tune and the fact that he can keep it together emotionally through this entire track is a testament to the man’s professionalism.

“Home (Radio Edit)” takes Andy into orbit, via a connection with Major Tom most likely, somewhere out in the distance, off behind the stars with David Bowie floating around in a tin can.  I’d put this track probably closer to the fringe-sounds of what you’ll hear on Revisited, but close enough that I felt like this track wasn’t just a great inclusion on the record, but essential.  Bold cello sounds, brilliant drums, great backing vocals in a chorus-like sound, all of it comes out sounding interesting and highly melodic – and not a thing can touch the song’s main star Andy, who puts in another one of his best performances here.  I’ve seen his music compared to Pink Floyd in a press release out there somewhere too…I’ll admit, I can’t quite fully put my finger on it, but something about “Home (Radio Edit)” really made that comparison make sense to me; almost like…closer to the Barrett age in the writing, with the more modern PF approach to atmosphere and production.  I could also understand a Collective Soul comparison when it comes to this tune…or for those that really know their stuff, you’d probably cite some of the early tunes from the UK’s alt-pop band Feeder and their more slowed-down, spaced-out melodies.  To me, “Home (Radio Edit)” has a really beautiful, lonely, comforting sound to it…strange mix of emotions I know, but you really do end up taking a ride through your psyche while this tune plays.  In terms of the other mix…the mix of the song itself, particularly the vocals of “Home (Radio Edit)” – it’s one of the real highlights on the record as far as I’m concerned…I love what Andy’s done to his own sound and the way that adjustment & adaptation works so well with the concept, ideas and music.

“Back To Me” reminded me of R.E.M. from their most melodic & adventurous points, not necessarily the hits for the band, but the songs that kept you coming back to their albums time & again in the middle-late part of their career…the artistic part…you know – the AMAZING part.  Excellent use of the backing vocals…the amazing way that the music interacts with each element in its makeup is audibly extraordinary; the choices of sounds are massively interesting to the ears…you can feel “Back To Me” take you to another place entirely…a true journey & experience.  It’s a great choice to come after “Home (Radio Edit)” as well…you’re tuned-in for a twist or two on the easy-listening/adult contemporary sound after the previous song, which makes “Back To Me” connect with us that much more readily.  That melodic hook in the guitar sound…at least I think it’s a guitar…classical guitar perhaps…but that main hook in the chorus musically, is just as amazing as anything you’ll hear on the microphone.  Andy continually rises to the occasion as the captivating & charismatic sounds of “Back To Me” play through the verse, brightening-up and becoming audibly more confident and unshakable throughout the chorus, as the lyrics echo the sentiment in his performance.  Really clever stuff…it’s a highlight example of Andy’s music at its most diverse, creative and focused…the tones on the drum sounds of this tune would have been enough to keep me listening if I’m being truthful – and you get so much more beyond that.  The best way I can explain “Back To Me” is to say it’s like the audio equivalent of a watching a movie or reading a full story; Andy’s got a sincerely extraordinary way with words, phrasing, pace, melody…all these elements continually lead him to success.  When he gets right into it, like moments around the four minute mark…I mean, c’mon people – you just don’t get a performance out of an artist like this without them fully committing to the material and understanding it at its core…he’s nailing it.

All of you out there get the point by now surely, yes?  Andy Michaels is an incredible songwriter.

I feel like Kerrie Ironside needs to be like, the new voice of Siri or our GPS guides…every single time her vocals have joined Andy’s music on this record, it’s been an absolute audible joy & pleasure to listen to.  When she snaps into the melody in the chorus of “White Lies” – what else can be said?  That’s about as much magic and impact that a switch between parts in a song can have…she sounds incredible.  “White Lies” makes brilliant use of sparing elements in the music throughout the verse and brightening up the chorus in ways that only a true songwriter really could.  It’s from a song like this that starts in such an unassuming manner, then expands into one of the most bold & beautiful melodies that you’ll find on the record that you can really hear just how well Andy understands his music, sound and writing overall.  The brilliance of the accenting piano notes added into this melody cannot be overstated – that’s absolutely magic in the ears.  No matter how many times I went through Revisited, I kept coming back to the chorus of “White Lies” likely being the absolute highlight moment on this entire record – that’s just purely immaculate…the mix of melancholy & beauty in the lyricism…the undeniably powerful emotion that Kerrie puts into every word…the way the chorus comes in to join her and the way she soars through the ending as the hooks continue…I’m at a loss for words, truly, that’s an amazing melody I’ll never forget hearing.  The music is stunning at every turn…”White Lies” is pure audio magic, 100%…over time & repeat experiences listening to Revisited, even on an album full of impressive material, the heart & soul of the writing of this song and the incredible performances from Andy in the music & Kerrie on the mic always stood out as one of this album’s most exceptional highlights…if not THE most notable.

Title-wise, “Lucretia’s Eylandt” featuring Sharon Court certainly caught my eye.  I had to look up what an ‘Eylandt’ was…I never claim to be the smartest guy in the room at any time, so kind of safe to say, if I have to look this up, there’s a few other people out there bound to feel the same way.  The lyricism reflects much of what I’d assume are references towards trying to find a place where comfort or acceptance can exist…which, I’d assume is the ‘Eylandt’ of the song, metaphorically-speaking.  There’s a good chance Andy has just straight-up out-written me here and I don’t get the connection between the title and the words or meaning behind this song at all…that’s quite possible.  Maybe it’s just a clever title and that’s it…it’s hard to say.  I tried Andy, I tried!  What I can tell you, is that Sharon’s voice was also another welcome addition to the collaborative effort at work happening throughout Revisited on the microphone and does a stellar job with really bold tones that have a truly confident and professional approach.  The poetic nature of the lyricism, regardless of whether or not I fully ‘get it’ from concept to each line he’s written, is entirely impressive…and once again, pretty heartbreaking.  Were it not for the way that the chorus brings in an uplifting dose of melody into the structure, this would likely crush a few hearts through its tale of a sweet love long lost, perhaps even written from the other perspective this time around…I think there are a few clues in the lyrics that hint at Andy looking at love from the other side here.  Love the way that Sharon sings the chorus of this cut…she’s great throughout, but she really shines in the hooks of this song…great ending to “Lucretia’s Eylandt” that leaves us with a sweet breakdown into melodic strings after bursting brightly through its most powerful moments.

Normally…my advice on having a song appear twice on a record is to just not do it.  I understand the temptation of course; it’s also one of the best ways to underscore just how much that one song is the focal-point or a song that you want to make sure, without a doubt, that the people notice.  That being said – in 99% of the cases I can think of, it also induces a burnout on the material…an unnatural wear & tear that sends the balance off and can make one of the best moments on a record become one that never needs repeating, because that’s taken care of for us.  As a result, it can become less sought out.

Most of the time perhaps…but not this time.

“Angel” reappears at the end of Revisited, this time with a chorus in-tow, to add a little more magic to what’s already a completely winning sound.  Does it make it any better?  COULDN’T TELL YA.  Honestly…I don’t think it becomes a matter of preference, both versions of this song are pure audio gold and I’d listen to it any way that I am able to do so.  That’s no disrespect intended towards a chorus of voices that are spot-on and putting their hearts & souls into their performance on “Angel with Choir” – they’ve all done a fantastic job; it’s much more of a comment that this is a truly magical moment in time that is going to sparkle and shine in any situation you find it in.  This is what timeless sounds like…that’s the strength of what Andy’s written and what he & Kerrie have achieved on “Angel” – it’s a flawless song that enriches your LIFE by having heard it…like being reunited with a love you didn’t even know you had.

Andy Michaels has the genuine songwriter’s gift, undeniable commitment to his music, and an audible love of the craft.  Revisited is an extraordinary achievement…and one that he should be truly proud of. - Sleeping Bag Studios, 14 January, 2018


Interview 1 with Eileen Shapiro (Huffington Post/The Indie Source)

Andy Michaels: Revisited by Eileen Shapiro

Australian singer/songwriter sings like an angel. He's a lyrical anomaly, and a phenomenal poet. He has just released a new full length album called "Revisited", an eclectic collection of inspiration. He defies genre bounties and has a fan for each song...

I shared questions with Andy regarding his music, his sensitivity and his compassionate way of creating music. The album is compelling and captivating and nearly addicting...

You are very poetic, do you write your songs from "life" experiences?

I guess most Artists are modern day Sponge Bobs (Haha, yes I have a 4 yr old daughter ! ) in that  they absorb and reflect what is going on in their personal lives and what is going on around them. I am very sensitive  and intuitive to that  and  am also very spiritual, although probably not in a strict religious sense. I get inspiration from words that seem simple but convey enormous power, and I try to convey that compassion and hope in my songs. Everyone remembers these sayings :"Some men see the world as it is and say 'Why?' I see the world as it could
be and say, 'Why not?" 'We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope" These words were said over 40 years  ago and are still timeless, but do they have any  less  power and relevance today ? I think not!

Who were your musical influences growing up?

My mother was my inspiration and I remember her playing Cat Stevens to me when I was like, 5 years old and I was thinking wow, that’s awesome! At high school everyone was listening to Queen, Deep Purple  or  AC/DC and
when it was my turn, I put on Neil Young or Leonard Cohen, or someone else with cool lyrics, and my friends would say "What the **** was that !". So many Artists have  deservedly  become famous for their lyrics and others for their melodies, it’s the ones that have the exceptional gift for both, like the Beatles, that become immortal legends.

Do you plan on touring in support of your new album?

When I finish and release my next album, yes definitely. I have so much wonderful new material that I am restless and impatient to get it "off my chest". I would rather tour with 25 or 30 great songs that people know and love rather than just a dozen. If I did that the show would be over in a hour!

You sing like an angel, or at least the way I'd picture an angel you have a favorite song on "Revisited" that your most proud of it that you love performing live?

I am proud of all of them and I think it was radio station in Canada that said, "there’s a song  on there (Revisited ) for every age and genre." I write from my heart and my soul and I think most listeners pick that up straight away.

"Lucretia's Eylandt" is special as it is based on a true story (the wreck of the Dutch East Indies Ship "Batavia" and the resulting massacre of over 300 people, including women and children, over 350 years ago. Although kept as concubine ,Lucretia was one of the very few survivors and the song is about her). It has everything, unspeakable Horror, love, lust, heroism etc and  is just a classic good vs evil story. It will be a major international film blockbuster one day and I just hope I will still be around to see it! 

"Will there be Love" still gives me goosebumps when I perform it, it's avery moving and reflective song.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy what would have to happen?   

Just having someone come to see you perform is already the ultimate fantasy come true. Honestly, what more could a performer want ? Anyone that cares to give up their time  for you are already special. They may come from all walks of life, or maybe they are busy and  going through their own personal issues and emotions, but they have still come to see you, because there is something in your music that they connect to. The stage fantasy is when you hope  there is a little part of you that they take away, but it gets deeper than that.

I got an email from a woman recently whose daughter had been tragically murdered and she said  listening to "Angel" finally gave her closure and some peace  after so many  years of grief. That’s when it’s not fantasy anymore, it’s a soulful and emotional experience.

What inspired you to become a part of the music industry? 

I was born and brought up in a remote rural area of Western Australia, where you had to create your own fun and entertainment. My mother sang and played guitar, and every Sunday after the ritual local footy was finished, everyone would stay and be enthralled by her singing and her playing guitar by the camp fire. It was probably only her only respite from raising seven kids in brutal and harsh conditions. I remember thinking then how much music can change peoples' lives and whether you were a footballer, a burly local farmer, a housewife, a local school teacher, or a farm labourer, music was the ONE common factor that brought them all together at ONE time. My mum never stopped encouraging me from the first time I picked up a guitar, and although she has now passed , her wonderful legacy will stay with me forever.

What advice would you give the younger Andy?

Just be yourself. I know that’s a cliché but its true. We were ALL born into this world as blessed, talented and unique individuals. Our purpose in life is simply to find AND  be yourself. We are not here  to please someone else's ego or conform to their expectations, however well meaning they might be. Just Follow your dreams, that's why we have them!

Youtube Videos :     Where are you Now      Angel      Just Because You Love Someone      White Lies     I just Want to be the One                                                      Home                                                                      Lucretia's Eylandt                                                                                                


Interview 2 with Eileen Shapiro (Huffington Post/ The Indie Source)


One of the most prolific and poetic visionaries, Andy Michaels, Aussie recording sensation has recently released his new album, "Revisited". After speaking to Andy in depth I decided to revisit our last interview as his music has much to say..... 

Let's talk about Lucretia's Eylandt....really dive into the inspiration
behind the song.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 I read a book by West Australian Author Hugh Edwards called "Islands of                                            
Angry Ghosts." It’s  a TRUE story about the horrific events following the
wreck of the Dutch ship "Batavia" off the West Australian Coast in June,
1629.Yeah, I know, it’s nearly 400 years ago but read on ! It has been
described as a true Adults Only version, of Lord of the Flies meeting
Nightmare on Elm Street and  has everything, mutiny, shipwrecks,  murder,
love, sexual slavery and amazing courage, inspiration and heroism. And if a
movie storyline  ever needed a bit more, why not throw in a Satanic Cult
onboard the ship ? (And yes, the good guys eventually win) It remains one
of my favorite books of all time  and as I was living only 40  miles from
the Island where it all happened 400 years before, it was only natural that
I try and put the story into song .

If you could see that song anywhere, where would it be?

The whole story just simply needs to be on the world stage. The song,
Lucretia's Eylandt, is now being played  on radio in over 20 countries but
my guess is most listeners still think of it as just a sad love story,
rather than understand the true story behind the Lyrics. I believe Russel
Crowe is in the early stages of looking to make a Hollywood movie about the
Batavia. This song would fit that so perfectly as we both used Hugh
Edward's book  and  his amazing storytelling as our inspiration.

"Home", and the motivation behind that ?

I spent a lot of my life living by the sea (there were no neighbors, just kangaroos and beach and sand for over 40  miles(  Where I lived is now a world famous  surfing and windsurfing destination  as well as  being a turtle breeding and conservation area, ( and  leaving  that to follow other  life pursuits in  soulless cities was genuinely sad. I guess that's where the words "And why, do faceless strangers just walk on by, without a word or forgiving
smile" come from. It is so easy see why most indigenous cultures have such a
strong spiritual connection  and empathy with the sea. There is no better
way for mother nature to express her moods than seeing an ocean in its
different states, from sereneness and tranquillity to raging storms and

 A lot of Americans are always impressed with you artists down under
...what do you think is the intriguing thing about you and your music?

 Australians generally don't take themselves too seriously ( I might be an
exception !) and are the first to laugh at themselves. I think Americans
like our laconic spirit like you see with Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin,
but we are always the first to lend a hand  and help out if needed.
Australian Artists also adopt that " She'll be right, mate" attitude and  I
think Americans respect and admire that.

If you could choose one of your songs to help change the world, which
would it be and why?

A song on my next Album called "Planet 8". It is about
the human race  colonizing and destroying 7 planets because of its
insatiable greed and then looking to space "for somewhere else to take this
master race". We are custodians of this earth and we owe it to every other
living creature on the planet and to our childrens' children to leave this
world better than when we inherited it.

Here are the lyrics:

Planet 8

All aboard for Planet Eight
The first 500 past the gate
In memory of those on planet seven
Let's raise a glass and look to heaven

Chorus : 
Once there was a planet earth
With sparkling seas and fertile turf
But they never listened to the signs
It became the fate of their mankind

It's easy they said, we'll build earth two
With brand new cities painted blue
Instead of parks where kids can run
We'll show them how to play with guns

Now the air was thick and they couldn't breathe 
So they started again with Planet three
This time there will be no mistake
That's why we're called the human race

Then came planets four and five
With War and Famine they did not survive
When Six died they looked again to Space
For somewhere to take this "master" race

Once there was a planet earth
With sparking seas and fertile turf
But they never listened to the signs
It became the fate of their mankind

Is there a song that never fails to evoke some heartfelt emotion every
time you hear it?

                                                                                                                                                                                           There are so many Artists that I admire immensely with
songs that evoke personal emotion. If I hear David Bowie's "Space Oddity" or
Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven, I always stop whatever it is I am doing and
reflect on the power and emotion of these songs. Some other songs that give
me goosebumps (Or camel bumps ) are Kris Kristofferson's "I've got to have
you", Bee Gees "To Love Somebody"  and Max Merrit's "Slippin Away".                                                                                    Some reviewer  recently compared "Home" to "Space Oddity" which was nice. On
"Revisited", "Will There Be Love" is still emotional to me.

You're a new color in a crayon box, what color are you?           

I would rather be the box as then I don't have to choose ! But if I had to, then Blue.
Along with green, Its natures color and you can never get sick of drawing
the sky or the sea !

If you were a super hero, what would your powers be?
Actually all super heroes are quite cool as they are wonderful geeks that never                                                                         have an attitude problem or put themselves first. Is there a super hero that can go
back into time and make a few tweaks to ensure that some injustices and
atrocities we see today never happen ? That would be one cool dude and
because he would never have to wear a cape, look how much he would save on
dry cleaning  and laundry bills!

Full Album Review - Incendiary Heart - Sleeping Bag Studios ( July 2019)