2020 Reviews

Incendiary Heart is about as good as indie can get… his adherence to an efficient pop ethos is refreshing and a far cry from anything his mainstream counterparts are doing at the moment”

Indie Music Review

Another poetic winner for Andy Michaels. It doesn’t take more than a single look at its tracklist to fall in love with the man who gives it such luster”


A diverse look into the future of pop/rock… fabulous new album -one of the best indie LPs I’ve heard on either side of the pacific in 2020”


He’s at the forefront of a sonic hurricane not to be messed with. This really is an amazing time to be a fan of indie pop/rock …He is a premier singer/songwriter and hero to adult contemporary fans everywhere”

The Indie Source

This is one indie artist we need to follow into the spotlight. His confidence is infectious .. Andy Michaels undeniably shines like a diamond and the unstoppable buzz surrounding the new album Incendiary Heart is only spiking”

Entertainment Eyes

Required listening….it is only fitting that one of pop/rocks most promising singer/songwriters would choose to end the decade on such a progressive note as this one”

Gashouse Radio

There’s something really special about what we’re met in making harmony-powered pop great again and feels like the first movement of an epic symphony. Andy Michaels can croon like nobody’s business. One of the better full-length follow-up’s listeners can expect to obtain”

Celebrity Zones

He wants us on the edge of our seats from the time we start to the moment the music fades into darkness once more, and he makes that happen every chance he gets. It’s a slam dunk for this up and coming Australian powerhouse”

Famous and Made

I believe it’s the true north to Michaels’ aesthetical compass right now. Australians and Americans alike who haven’t already done so should pick up Incendiary Heart this January – it’s as independent as indie folk/rock gets, and that’s nothing to scoff at in our modern times. ”

Official Fame Magazine

Young singer/songwriters just starting out could stand to take a page or two out of his playbook when it comes to making the sequel to a well-received debut album; for this critic, his controlled approach and conservative attitude serve as a breath of fresh air”

Vents Magazine

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