Lucretia's Eylandt, 1629,

by Andy Michaels

Released 2018
Released 2018
"The poetic nature of the lyrics is entirely impressive…and pretty heartbreaking.The way that the chorus brings in an uplifting dose of melody into the structure, would likely crush a few hearts through its tale of a sweet love long lost" - SBS, January 2018
This song was written about the worlds most horrifying shipwreck of them all which was that of the Batavia, off the West Australian coast, in June 1629. This is a true story and no doubt will be a major Epic film buster one day (Wheres Mel Gibson when you need him !).. It has everything, love, betrayal,treachery, good vs evil and unbelievable bravery and heroism. This song is about Lucretia (One of the few survivors) trying to survive on the Island (Eylandt) whilst being help captive as slave and concubine by a Satanic cult follower. (Cornelius) Yes, Its a TRUE story, and hopefully this is an even better song :)
The Story of the Batavia and Lucretia's Eylandt on which this song is based :

The "Batavia" was a new ship on her maiden voyage when she sailed from Amsterdam with 316 seamen, soldiers, women and children on route to Batavia ( now Jakarta),Indonesia

On the ship was a treasure of 12 chests of coin as well as precious jewels and goods.

The Commander of the vessel was Francisco Pelseart, who was known to be attracted to a young woman travelling alone - Lucretia Van der Mylen.

On 4th June, 1629, in the darkness before dawn the Batavia ran onto an outlying coral reef of the Abrolhos Islands off the undiscovered and hostile coast of Western Australia)
In a few hours the ship was flooded and had to be abandoned. The passengers were put ashore on tiny coral atolls with two ships boats and very little food or water.

On the second morning the largest boat with Pelseart (The commander) and his officers had gone. A note was left which said they had gone to find water.(Which was a lie as he actually set off to row to Jakarta, some 1600 miles away !)

Meanwhile Jeronimus Cornelius, the senior remaining officer, but also a Satanic Cult follower, )took command of the castaways. With his followers he began systematically murdering more than one hundred men, women and children. Then they raped the women and those who resisted had their throats cut.

Cornelius selected Lucretia for his own concubine.

There was however one problem facing the mutineers. A group of soldiers had been set ashore on a large island where they were soon joined by survivors from the massacre.
Cornelius decided to launch a surprise attack on the soldiers and a battle was raging on the day Pelseart's rescue ship returned from Batavia (Jakarta). There was a race to the ship which was won by the soldiers and the mutineers surrendered without firing a shot.

Pelseart decided to hang Cornelius and his ring leaders and the executions were carried out on a cold wet morning on 2 October 1629.

Upon Pelseart and the suriviors return to Batavia, an investigation was launched into the disastrous voyage by the the Dutch East India Company. (Hollands most powerful conglomerate at the time that owned the ship.

Pelseart, a broken man , died twelve months later. Lucretia lived to be a very old lady.